Grants and Technical Writing

landscapes - panel 1Outstanding proposals and communications seamlessly integrate compelling narratives with data stories.

  • Grant Writing
  • Program Development & Design
  • Technical Communications
  • Web Content

Successful grant submissions are relevant, expertly edited, and bolstered by data and visuals. We convert proposals into funding via:

• Prospect research and Letters of Intent

• Federal, state, and private foundation RFRs

• Evaluation plans and logic models

• Schematics, diagrams, tables, charts, and graphs

We use program data, evidence-based practices, and local knowledge to illustrate and elevate program development and design.

• Needs assessments

• Logic models

• Landscape analyses, combining asset mapping with strategic planning

• Application of evidence-based practices and best practice models

We integrate text with data with visuals to create documents that have impact. We’ve used this strategy to craft:

• Strategic plans

• Logic models, flowcharts, schematics, diagrams

• Policies and procedures

• Fact sheets

Web-based content is the perfect medium for smart and fun visual reports. We specialize in:

• Integrated data-driven content

• Embedded charts and visuals using low-cost/no-cost tools

• Web-based interactive visualizations

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